Homage to my Mum, Betty

It is a lovely day here at the White House in Whitefield. It is a special day to remember our Mothers and maybe especially if they are no longer with us. There has been much traffic in and out of the church yard opposite as people have been visiting graves and leaving flowers.
My Mum Betty paid us a visit for Mothering Sunday last year. Passed like a precious parcel she was from her home in Bristol and finally to us here at the White House. She was wheeled across to the church for the service and received her flowers. A very important tradition.
During her week-long stay Mum wanted to take us to the cinema to see a film – Fisherman’s Friends. She had seen the film in Bristol, loved it and wanted to share. It is a real feel-good film. At 96 years of age she was still up for an adventure!
So we planned an expedition in her wheelchair: tram from Whitefield into Manchester, coffee and cake at the Cathedral Cafe, wander round the cathedral, wander round the shops, lunch at Selfridges, then the cinema and tram back home.
The picture of Mum in Selfridges is a typical pose: raising a glass! Though it was not Selfridges or the cinema but being pushed around the aisles of Boots that she kept talking about afterwards. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been in Boots! It gave her such a thrill.
We passed the precious parcel back down the line and the next Sunday: Passion Sunday, she was outside her gate as usual to be picked up for church. Then it was a roast dinner prepared by my brother, and a settle down to watch the Boat Race. Mum was a fan of most sports. She loved life with a competitive edge. This is where my brother found her, resting in peace.

Beatrice Mary Rawling 14.12.1922 – 07.04.2019