Midday Prayer Apart But Together

Isolating is hard work. To begin with, for some, it may have its attractions. A holiday! Stepping out of the daily grind for a bit. Like being snowed in – cocooned. The world stops turning for a bit.
Holidays and snow have end points. They are set-apart times measured in days, weeks at the most. Now we are in a new time, an immeasurable time. We are communal societal creatures. We need the company of others. Even those living a monastic community life set apart from the world, have each other. And while apart they focus together on prayer for that world.
So, I invite you to be a new community with me. A praying community. Each day at Midday I will pray in our White House prayer space. Pray with me. Pray wherever you are. If you can’t stop at Midday, find your time.
Using the same form of words will unite us in spirit. Sharing our prayer intentions and speaking the names of those we need to remember, in the silence of our private space, will draw us together. Send me your prayers, for people, for situations and we can share them.
Today we begin. There is no time like the present. Today at Midday I will use this prayer and in the silence I will name today my family. It’s a long list! Join me. Name your family today.