Slow Action of Love

You may not have heard of a song called Slow Action of Love. It is by singer/songwriter John Coleman. John’s material is largely written out of his home in Australia. Nothing unusual in that. But John’s home is different. He lives in a L’arche Community in Hobart.

Another John: JeanVanier, founded L’Arche in 1964 in response to the treatment that people with learning disabilities faced in institutions. There are now more than 150 L’Arche communities in 38 countries around the world, where more than ten thousand people with and without learning disabilities create places of welcome and celebration, sharing in life together. Jean died on 7th May aged 90. Slow Action of Love is a description both of Jean Vanier’s love for people with learning difficulties but also God’s love for us. Bit, by bit by bit that love spreads out through time and space till one day everyone will now what that special love feels like. Jean Vanier’s special love and John Coleman’s expression of that love in his music give us a glimpse of just how amazing God’s love is.

Jean Vanier 1928 – 2019 and friend

Godly Play at the White House

  • Since moving in we have been making a special room – a Godly Play Room.
  • It is a room full of stories – so many stories it is like thousands of years of stories.
  • It is a room for everyone but especially children – or people like children.
  • It is a listening room, a sharing room, a creating room.
  • Bring a child and come and see!